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Educational content available through Nov. 16, 2022 

QI Modules from IHI: 


Getting Started

Practice Tools & Resources

Key Driver

Key Drivers Teen Vaccines

Teen Vaccine Websites and Toolkits

Unity Toolkit
Resources for Health Care Providers

TeenVaxView – vaccine coverage information

Immunization Action Coalition
American Academy of Pediatrics
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Vaccine Education Ctr.
National Foundation for Infectious Diseases


Alabama Chapter-American Academy of Pediatrics
Alabama Department of Public Health
COVID 19 Vaccine: What Pediatricians Can Do Now
COVID 19 Vaccine Implementation in Pediatric Practices
COVID 19 Vaccine Administration: Getting Paid
Considerations for COVID 19 Vaccination Clinics Through Pediatric Practices
About the COVID 19 Vaccine: Frequently Asked Questions
Children and COVID 19 Vaccination Trends
The Science Behind COVID 19 Vaccines: Parent FAQ (also available in Spanish) 

Practice Management Resources 

PCC How to Manage Your Practice with Data Analytics
PCC How to Improve Patient Satisfaction at Your Practice Oct 13, 2021

Expert Selected Articles and Resources


MMWR on Delta Breakthrough Infections following Provincetown
Nature Medicine- Neutralizing Antibody Levels Predictive of Immune
Nature Reviews- Immunology Article on Vaccines
NEJM- Effectiveness of Pfizer and AstraZeneca Vaccines against Delta 

Effective Strategies and Vaccine Hesitancy 

2017 SAHM Position Statement on Establishment of 16 yo Vacc Platform
Pediatrics Perspectives- Understanding MenB Vaccine Recommendation
HPV Vaccination: Pediatrician-Parent Conversations about HPV- An Analysis of Audio Recordings
Perspective -Shared Clinical Decision Making A Model for Clinical Practice

Overview of Vaccines 

CDC Immunization Information
Send your clinical vaccine questions to 
2021 Recommended Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule 
CDC Flu Information
Immunization Action Coalition
Tdap Vaccine for PreTeens and Teens
Meningococcal disease

QI Tools & Resources


Institute for Healthcare Improvement
National Institute for Children's Health Quality
Academy of Communication in Healthcare
Institute for Excellence in Health and Social Systems
Atul Gawande


A Team Approach to Quality Improvement - Family Practice Management
“Buy-In” versus “Ownership” - Lipmanowitz
Front-Line Ownership - Zimmerman
IHI QI Essential Toolkit
Leadership and Commitment
The run chart: a simple analytical tool
The problem with Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles
Happiness in the Workforce
The Hot Spotters
Coproduction of healthcare service

Patient Self Management Support

Physician Resource Guide


Initial QI Work Checklist
StayWell 2022 Virtual Site Visit Pre-Work
QI Process Maps for QI Coach Visit
Process Map Choice 1
Process Map Choice 2
Process Map Choice 3
Process Map Advanced FMEA Choice 4
Practice Planning Timeline
Monthly QI Work Checklist


Model for Improvement Part 1
Model for Improvement Part 2
Dr. Mike Evans: Quality Improvement in Healthcare
Short Meeting Skills Video
Kaizan (Review Process Mapping) Video 

IHI Whiteboard Videos

PDSA Part 1
PDSA Part 2
Introduction to Flowcharting
Flowcharting Part 2
Cause and Effect Diagrams (Fishbone)

IHI Open Course


Reliability Design Method



Quality Improvement 101
Quality Improvement 102  (The PDSA Story)




Data & Measures

Community Partners


Collaborative Faculty and Contact Information