Three of the participating practices share what they are doing in their specific offices to promote the #StayWell collaborative.


Elizabeth Dawson, M.D., of Charles Henderson Child Health Center, shares the focus of their #StayWell adolescent collaborative--confidentiality and depression screening.


Fairhope Pediatrics encouraged adolescents to make their check-ups with a fun incentive program, which has increased their adolescent visits significantly. 


Dothan Pediatric Network, which includes Dothan Pediatric Clinic, Enterprise Pediatric Clinic, Eufaula Pediatric Clinic and Ozark Pediatric Clinic, held a contest throughout the months of June and July. Watch the video of the announcement of the winners and the amazing numbers of patients seen this summer here

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By Salina Sowell, Communication Coordinator

Elizabeth Dawson, M.D., FAAP (founder of the Troy Resilience Project and Medical Director of the Charles Henderson Child Health Center in Troy) reflects upon introducing screening for ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) into a practice:

“In the previous issue of The Alabama Pediatrician (First Quarter 2019) I laid out how:
• Childhood adversity changes our brains, our bodies, and even our DNA;
• Toxic stress can lead to chronic disease and poor life outcomes due to impacts on the developing brain; and;
•Early intervention is key!

What could be more fundamental to the role of a pediatrician? Yet when I discuss ACEs screening with colleagues I hear, ‘How can I add one more screen to my already busy clinic visit?’ and ‘What do I do when I find something?’ And you know what? I get that. I know adding a screen takes more than the will and interest of one provider. It necessitates practice system change as well as making community connections beyond the clinic walls.

May 2, 2019

The University of Alabama School of Public Health released the 2018 Asthma Collaborative Evaluation. The final evaluation incorporates surveys and interviews with participating providers, QI coaches, and Health and patients. Also available is the one page 360 summary of the collaborative.

By Salina Sowell, Communication Coordinator

Adolescents are among those least likely to have access to health care, and they have the lowest rate of primary care use of any age group in the United States. The #StayWell practices are empowering adolescents to be actively engaged in their preventative health care and equip them with the knowledge and skills for a healthy transition into adulthood.

Physician Champion of the collaborative, Nola Ernest, MD, FAAP, shares why this particular collaborative is important to her as well as to pediatric offices that need to work together to provide excellent adolescent care.