Healthy Active Living (HAL) Collaborative 

In the content below you will find patient handouts, forms, worksheets and much more. Click the links below to download the HAL materials! 

AHA Healthy Heart

AHA Heart Healthy Eating  

Cardiovascular Health Integrated Lifestyle Diet_UPD


Jump Start Healthy Heart

TLC Guidelines

Blood Pressure

Free Apps for BP Percentile


Caffeine for teens 2013

Caffeine Kids 2013

The Dangers of Drinking Energy Drinks

Calorie Menus

1200 Calorie Menu

1600 Calorie Low Glycemic Meal Plan

1600 Calorie Menu

1800 Calorie Low Glycemic Meal Plan

1800 Calorie Menu

DASH Diet for 1400 kcal Diet

DASH Diet for 1600 kcal Diet

DASH Diet for 1800 kcal Diet

Sample 7 Day Low Glycemic Index Menu with Snacks 

Eating Healthy on a Budget

20 Ways to save money at the grocery store

Healthy Grocery List

SYFD - SpendLess

We Can Healthier Eating While Saving Money


Biking flip on short side

Exercise for arms (intern)

Exercise for lower back and core (intern)

exercise for lower body (intern) 

Exercise for shoulders (intern)




24 Hour recall edited 3.3.15

Laboratory Order Sheet Template in Word_for editing

Laboratory Order Sheet Template in Word_for editing

Laboratory Order Sheet Template in Word_for editing

Laboratory Order Sheet Template

Three Day Food Record Sample

Healthy Breakfast and Lunch Options for Patients

Healthy Bag School Lunch Ideas

Healthy Breakfast and Lunch Options

Healthy Lunch Ideas

Healthy Lunch Options for Teenagers

Healthy School Lunch Choices

Lunch Box Mix and Match

Non Periashable Quick Bag Lunch Ideas

Quick Meal Ideas for the Work Week

Tips for Healthy Packed Lunch 

Healthy Choices for Children and Adolescents

10 Tips to get Daily Fiber

Boost Your Iron Intake

Fast Food Comparison

Go, slow and whoa food list

Healthy Beverage Choices 

Healthy Children Calcium 2015

Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy Guidelines for Kids

Sugars and Sweetners

Tip Sugar In Drinks

Helpful Links

Helpful Links

Patient Education Resources

Acanthosis nigricans


NAFLD - English

Preventing Type 2 in Children

TeensHealth polycystic ovaries



Portion Control

Daily Est kcal and recommened Servings by age gender

Know Your Serving Sizes - Age appropriate chart

Provider Resources

ICD-9 Codes final for traveling CME

Metabolic SyndromeinPediatrics_OldConceptsRevised



Traveling CME PPT Handout

Special Diets 

Food Allergen Survival Guide


Lactose Free

Low Purine Diet


Understanding Lactose Free diet



Kids in the Kitchen

PHLC Booklet 2013 revised final copy 

Quick Start to Health alternatives 2013

Reducing salt intake 2013

Road to diabetes