LacreciaLaCrecia Thomas is currently the CF Center coordinator at University of Alabama Pediatric Center. She is responsible for not only case management of patients but also coordination of quality improvement projects for the CF center. She has been a Pediatric Pulmonary practitioner for 24 years and a pediatric nurse for 31 years.  She has also been a Quality Coach with CF Foundation since 2006 and recently became a quality improvement consultant for the Alabama Child Health Improvement Alliance. She has published articles on chronic care and pediatric pulmonary nursing as well as quality improvement in CF care. She regularly presents nationally on the same topics. She presented, “Application of QI Techniques Improves CF Outcomes” at the 2008 Respiratory Diseases Congress in Chile and published  Sustained Improvement in Nutritional Outcomes at Two Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis Centres after Quality Improvement Collaboratives in BMJ Quality and Safety in 2014. Her current research is related to quality improvement and spirituality in people with CF.