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Every continuous quality improvement collaborative has a story.  The Alabama Child Health Improvement Alliance (ACHIA) has developed a one-page “360” to quickly tell the improvement story for its Healthy Active Living and Help Me Grow Alabama collaboratives:  why the topic is important, who participated, what improved, as well as lessons learned.  Check them out here and here!

In other ACHIA news:
- Prevent HPV Cancers Today! An ACHIA HPV QI Collaborative, presented in conjunction with the Alabama Chapter-AAP, the Alabama Academy of Family Physicians, and the Alabama Department of Public Health, gets underway this month.  It is ACHIA’s largest collaborative yet with 11 practices and 59 pediatricians and family physicians from across Alabama participating.
- “The Big Sort”:  All health issues for children are important—but what are the most critical issues for Alabama child healthcare providers to prioritize in the next few years?  Asthma? ADHD? Screening for delay? The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health is leading ACHIA partners and others interested in child health in a process to sort and prioritize health topics.  The results will be used to channel energies for future ACHIA collaboratives and other continuous quality improvement endeavors.  At the Chapter’s Spring Meeting at the end of April, we will present more information about the sort process and how members can participate.